MoobaMooba operate two cafés in Subiaco and Wembley, Western Australia, and have offered a popular SMS ordering service for a number of years. They’ve been using Tap2Order at both stores for just over a year so we caught up with the owner, Mark Dillon, to get his feedback on how Tap2Order has been working for him.

Mooba’s Subiaco store is located in the middle of a bustling commercial & retail district, and Mark estimates 80-90% of the smartphone orders at that store are coming from local businesses, citing the convenience of sending through an office order and being told exactly when to come and pick it up. “Businesses benefit because their staff aren’t waiting around for us to make the coffees” he explains. “One office orders about 16 coffees every morning.” In the case of these large orders, Mark believes Tap2Order helps his staff offer better service – they’re able to look after the customers waiting in-store first, and schedule the smartphone order for a little later.

In contrast, the Wembley store is in a residential area, and is more popular with parents. “Giving them a wait time helps with better time management” Mark says. The parents can pack up their children and walk down to Mooba without risking a lengthy wait once they get there.

In addition to the customer convenience, Mark maintains Tap2Order helps free up staff time – recording orders off the iPad is generally faster than taking a verbal order, and staff can focus on transacting & making coffee. The customer name on the iPad order allows staff to retain important aspects of the human interaction involved in the order.

Smartphone orders have been incredibly popular with Mooba’s customers, with nearly 14,000 orders sent in the past year, comprising over 21,000 individual items. The service has been enthusiastically adopted by regular users, with over 80% of the orders coming from people who’ve used the app 10 times or more — the average order rate is 3.5 orders per week.

Mark’s very happy with the amount of revenue coming in through the system. “22,000 items at an average price of $4 is $88k of revenue” he says. “I could go and spend two grand on a magazine ad and wouldn’t be able to attribute $88k of revenue to it.” While many of those orders are from regular customers and aren’t necessarily entirely due to Tap2Order, Mark hasn’t seen a drop-off in SMS orders while Tap2Order has been in operation, so he feels the subscription (AU$70/month for two stores) offers value for money in terms of customer retention & new business.

The impressive order numbers notwithstanding, Mark sees Tap2Order primarily as a service for loyal customers. “Some people forget they’re in the game of hospitality”, he says. He believes the convenience helps to retain customers; in particular if the store is very busy, there’s less likelihood the customer will end up being irritated by long in-store wait times. The ordering app is also a service that most others don’t have, and helps differentiate Mooba from its competitors.

Tap2Order in use

Tap2Order in use at Mooba

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